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Journalists Got Their Hands on an Islamic State Computer. What They Found in the ‘Hidden Files’ Is Terrifying

August 31st, 2014

Foreign Policy gained exclusive access to an Islamic State laptop, retrieved from the field of battle by a “moderate” Syrian rebel group, and after some digital digging, FP discovered deeply disturbing information on the device.

Buried in the “hidden files” section of the computer were 146 gigabytes of material, containing a total of 35,347 files in 2,367 folders.

The laptop’s contents turn out to be a treasure trove of documents that provide ideological justifications for jihadi organizations — and practical training on how to carry out the Islamic State’s deadly campaigns. They include videos of Osama bin Laden, manuals on how to make bombs, instructions for stealing cars, and lessons on how to use disguises in order to avoid getting arrested while traveling from one jihadi hot spot to another.

But after hours upon hours of scrolling through the documents, it became clear that the ISIS laptop contains more than the typical propaganda and instruction manuals used by jihadists. The documents also suggest that the laptop’s owner was teaching himself about the use of biological weaponry, in preparation for a potential attack that would have shocked the world.

The information on the laptop makes clear that its owner is a Tunisian national named Muhammed S. who joined ISIS in Syria and who studied chemistry and physics at two universities in Tunisia’s northeast. Even more disturbing is how he planned to use that education: The ISIS laptop contains a 19-page document in Arabic on how to develop biological weapons and how to weaponize the bubonic plague from infected animals.

“The advantage of biological weapons is that they do not cost a lot of money, while the human casualties can be huge,” the document states.

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Saudi nuclear weapons ‘on order’ from Pakistan

November 7th, 2013

Saudi Arabia has invested in Pakistani nuclear weapons projects, and believes it could obtain atomic bombs at will, a variety of sources have told BBC Newsnight.

While the kingdom’s quest has often been set in the context of countering Iran’s atomic programme, it is now possible that the Saudis might be able to deploy such devices more quickly than the Islamic republic.

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Yemen: Muslim father burns his 15-year-old daughter to death for “communicating with her fiance”

October 25th, 2013

Muslims commit 91 percent of honor killings worldwide. A manual of Islamic law certified as a reliable guide to Sunni orthodoxy by Al-Azhar University, the most respected authority in Sunni Islam, says that “retaliation is obligatory against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right.” However, “not subject to retaliation” is “a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring.” (‘Umdat al-Salik o1.1-2). In other words, someone who kills his child incurs no legal penalty under Islamic law.

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Sympathizer of Osama Bin Laden attended a conference at the University of Laval

September 6th, 2013

Dr. Raed Fathi, an Israeli national, is known for his radical Islamic views and recently caused a political uproar in Israel following his controversial statements labelling the Israeli Druze (Arab monotheistic ethnoreligious community loyal to the State of Israel) as infidels and therefore, he argued, deserve to be prosecuted and killed. Under immense public pressure and lawsuits filed against him for hate crime Dr. Raed Fathi was forced to retract his statements and to apologize to the spiritual leader of the Druze.

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Muslim Brotherhood in Syria: Shari’a or Death

September 5th, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood in Syria: Sharia or Death

Armed gunmen claiming to belong to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood gave a glimpse of their growing strength in Syria when they threatened 30 Kurdish fighters they took hostage last month with death if they didn’t accept Shari’ia law and the “Brotherhood’s” interpretation of Islam, a recently uploaded YouTube video showed.

While the Obama administration waits for Congress to vote on whether military action should be taken in Syria, concern is growing among some lawmakers and Middle East analysts that worry a limited U.S. strike in Syria would benefit terrorist groups, like that of Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Canadian appointed to the chief of the political bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

September 1st, 2013

The political bureau of the Syria’s Muslim brotherhood (MB) announced (August 9, 2013) the official return of the Islamic movement to open political activity on Syrian soil after more than three decades of being banned by the Syrian regime.

Following is a translation of the MB’s announcement (originally in Arabic).

“Hassan Hachimi, MB’s head of political bureau, inaugurated during his visit to Aleppo in northern Syria few days ago the first office of the organization in the country after an absence that lasted decades of open political activity of the MB.”

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Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Algeria remain in opposition to Military action in Syria

September 1st, 2013

Despite a strong call to action by the League, some Arab countries such as Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Algeria remain in oppostition of the final decision to call for foreign military action.

The Leage meeting came as U.S. prepares strikes against the Syrian government, blaming it for a chemical gas attack that killed hundreds of civilians.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said on Sunday that Syria was capable of confronting any external attack after U.S. President Barack Obama said there should be a military strike.

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