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Vagina monologue: Free speech on Canadian campuses

March 17th, 2013

By Ezra Levant

Last Wednesday night, a pro-life student club at the University of Waterloo invited a local MP to speak.

Within minutes, a small group of other students stormed the front of  the room, screaming abuse at the guest speaker, taking over the podium  and grinding the event to a halt.

All under the watchful eyes of campus police.

They just stood there.

Actually, that’s not quite right, they did intervene. They told the  speaker — Stephen Woodworth — that for his own safety he’d better leave.


Disabled children too costly, should be ‘put down’ says UK councillor

March 2nd, 2013


It has been a tough week for children in the news.

In Canada, Tom Flanagan, a former senior adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and a conservative pundit and political scientist, has come under fire for stating during a lecture in Alberta on Wednesday, that he had “grave doubts” about jailing people who view child pornography.

Now jumping the pond to the UK……… A UK councillor wants disabled children killed.

Read below for the unbelievable details…..

( – Disabled children place too great a burden on the country’s nationalized health care and other services and ought to be “put down” to save money, an independent councillor for Wadebridge East in North Cornwall has said. The comments, made to a member of the Disability Cornwall charity at County Hall in Truro in 2011, have cost Collin Brewer his position. He announced yesterday that he will resign.


Do You Know the Fascinating and Troubling Story About the Woman Behind the Roe v. Wade Case?

January 23rd, 2013

Today marks the 40th anniversary since the Supreme Court ruled on the controversial Roe vs. Wade case. The result, of course, was legalized abortion across the United States of America and a seemingly never-ending debate surrounding theology, public policy and women’s rights.

While many people are well aware of the general themes surrounding the legal battle, the background of the woman at the center of it all, Jane Roe (real name: Norma McCorvey), may be somewhat unknown to most Americans. Her story is a fascinating one, as the plaintiff-turned-activist quickly became the catalyst — and face — of legalized abortion, later renouncing her role to become one of the nation’s most outspoken pro-life advocates. And even if you might have known that, there’s plenty of other fascinating details you may not.




British politician: ‘consider compulsory abortion’ for Downs babies

December 20th, 2012

LONDON, December 19, 2012, ( – The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has suspended a candidate after an uproar when he wrote that it should be mandatory to kill all disabled unborn children. Geoffrey Clark wrote on his website that women carrying children suspected of serious disabilities like Downs syndrome and spina bifida should be forced to have abortions in order to cut back on health care costs. He also called for legalization of euthanasia, free “euthanasia counselling” for people over 80 years old, and the introduction of a two-child population control policy.

Clark, a 66-year-old chartered accountant wrote in his political manifesto that the government should review the National Health Service’s expenditures, saying the review should “re-examine the pregnancy abortion time limit. Consider compulsory abortion when the foetus is detected as having Downs, spina bifida or similar syndrome which, if it is born, will render the child a burden on the state as well as on the family.”

Abornaments? Abortion Activists Make Sacrilegious Ornaments

December 19th, 2012

The people behind these “Abornaments” are purely evil!

The Planned Parenthood abortion business upset pro-life advocates for years with its sacreligious “Choice on Earth” Christmas cards, but pro-abortion activists have taken that outrage to the next level.

The pro-life group Life Dynamics has been highlighting so-called “Abornaments” that pro-abortion activists are promoting. They are sharing the images of the sacrilegious ornaments on the popular image sharing web site Pinterest.

Most of the so-called Christmas ornaments pictured involve the manipulation and desecration of plastic fetal models depicting unborn children at various stage of development before birth.

Life News

Sex-Selective Abortion: The ‘war on women’ that dares not speak its name

December 19th, 2012

Since the dawn of the modern pro-choice movement, liberal activists have done their best to equate abortion-on-demand with women’s rights. Make access to abortion easier, the theory goes, and you automatically empower women.

But then ultrasound technology, combined with a preference for male children in patriarchal cultures, produced the specter of gendercide — the systematic practice of using sex-selective abortion to kill off female fetuses. Is no-holds-barred abortion still such a great thing for women if it serves to systematically cull their ranks?

Pro-choice student union’s banning of anti-abortion club called more university ‘censorship’

November 28th, 2012

A university student in British Columbia is preparing to take his student union to court after it refused to let him start a campus anti-abortion club because it conflicts with its pro-choice position.

What else is new? You know…other than the erosion of freedom of thought and expression. Glad to know if I’m in Langley B.C, I’ll have Kwantlen Polytechnic University to think for me.

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There's a new side of the story that you haven't heard.